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Stress can cause tension headachesStephen Poff / Foter

Welcome: These are some notes from my recent stress less workshop.

Readings: Taken from Judith Hanson Lasater’s book A year of living your yoga. I buy through Amazon, it’s much cheaper.

Stress: Over 80% of physical illness is reported to have a stress related component. Pranayama, mediation and asana have been shown to be effective in reducing stress through changing the mind body connection.

Prananyama. Is effective in that it slows breathing. It also activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for the calming of the body. We practice the following.

Equal ratio breath: Lie or sit in a comfy position inhale for the count of 4, exhale for the count of 4. You can increase the depth of the ratio as you  become more experienced.

Alternate nostril, purifies the nadis and balances the flow of energy between the left and right sides of the body.

Sit in an upright position. Use your fingers to block off the left nostril, inhale through the right, block the right, exhale and inhale through the left. Repeat. One round is left and right. Aim to start with at least 10 rounds.

Viloma ( breathing against the flow) revitalising

Sit or lie fill lungs in 3 parts pause between each part-Bottom 1/3 fill from lowest ribs to 1/3 way up-Middle 1/3 side ribs and back torso-Top 1/3 breast bone and under collar bones-Release in one long exhale-Reverse the flow

Meditation: Jyoti meditation, also known as gold ball or light. Great for stress release.

You should aim to do 5 minutes meditation a day and 5 minutes breathing plus some gentle asana. Forward folds and inversions such as bridge and shouldstand are great calming poses.

Here is a link to free, guided meditations from the yoga lunch box

2 Comments on “Stress Less Workshop

  1. Hey Gabrielle, very interesting eading. I did a mindfulness course through cancer society a couple of months ago and very keen to follow up with more similar stuff. Reading this wets my appetite. Will you be doing any more of these types of courses ni near future? cheers Jane – from down the beach, and thanks for leaving your welcome note – I’ll keep browsing 🙂

    • Hey Jane I often do a two hour stress less course with breathing, meditation and gentle postures. Everyone loves it! It is so relaxing, so please keep on to me about it and I’ll let you know when the next one comes up. Nice to have you on board

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