Beginner’s Yoga Course

Are you interested in learning more about yoga and haven’t had the chance or taken the plunge? From 16th of Augustyou are invited to join me in a five week yoga course especially for those new to the practice or those wanting a slower more careful look at the poses. By the end of the course you should be able to touch your toes. NO just joking! As I always say in my classes, it won’t make you happier that you can touch your toes because there will always be something further away to touch after that! No at the end of the course you will be stronger and be able to do a vinyasa practice

(flowing from pose to pose). We will practice all the poses and link them together for a final flowing class. After this course you will be rearing to go and will be ready to join the popular Monday night or Wednesday morning flow class. The course is $75 please enrol by sending me an email. Hope to see you on Tuesday at the Paremata Boating club.
In the meantime you can register interest by emailing me at

3 Comments on “Beginner’s Yoga Course

  1. hi does the beginners class on tuesday nights strat on the 22nd or 27th May?

    • Hi Annie it starts on the 22nd of May (next Tuesday) and goes for 5 weeks until the 19th of June. Would love to see you there! Let me know if you need help with anything else

  2. I tried yoga 5 years ago and did not make it beyond the first lesson. Your teaching and encouragement made it easy to stay with the course. Great teaching and a very enjoyable introductory class.

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