What Yoga Mat Should I Buy?

Lots of students ask me what type of mat that they should get. I want to say first up if you are acting like a yogi try not to buy a cheap one. If yoga has chosen you and this is your thing make sure you invest in something that is going to go the distance with you and not break down into little bits of plastic stuff all over the yoga room floor and then end up at the rubbish dump. My mat is going to outlast me I’m sure.
You can get these from the Eco Yoga store in New Zealand.http://ecoyogastore.co.nz
They are not super cheap at $159 and they weigh a bit at 3.7kg but well worth it as they are thick so good for rolling up and down your spine and nice for standing on and balancing.

If you are into hot yoga you will need a non slip mat, although mine is pretty much non- slip I have been dreaming about a Jade Eco Mat.
Here is a photo of me with my mat

hahah not quite!
They have to come to you via Australia and probably America, they are non-slip and quite cushioney consider getting the slightly wider one so you can spread your hands out in Down Dog.They start at around $65 each for the travel mat and don’t forget that is aussy dollars and you need packing on top. I tried one recently and loved it. I found it harder to balance as there is more padding than mine.http://www.empind.com.au/shop/item/eco-jade-rubber-yoga-mat

And Lu Lu Lemon has great clothes, yes they are expensive but they last and last, I’m still wearing my wunder unders a year later with no problems. They have a new mat which people say are great they are really shiny and non slip and so good for hot yoga. Thin and light, could be the thing for you!
this is $69 AUD
You can find them at the Lululemon shop in Auckland or Queenstown and grap your self some great yoga pants while you are there!

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