Space and Solitude

Let your practice be about giving yourself some space in your life, let it be about giving yourself permission to nourish yourself so healing can take place. Our days are spent running from one activity to the next, we are hardly aware of what we have done or are doing. Do you catch yourself staring into the fridge mindlessly or have you been driving and noticed that you have no idea about the scenery that you have just passed through, or you have finished your lunch and you can’t remember eating it? This is when we leave our body for a moment and are not connected to our actions. This is not the same as giving yourself space.
Space is the pause between breaths, it is the quiet moments we sit and remember,
it is the permission we give ourselves to grieve or sit with our feelings,
it is where we find Spirit or God.
Space is the shavasanna of daily life, and our birthright.
Space is where we find our shadows and our light.
Space is where we connect to what is
Space is where we find the answers we seek

Solitude is our willingness to be by ourselves and not attempt to fill the space, solitude gives us a container to find space. Sit on your mat, sit on your cushion and start to feel what space is. Physically as you are reading create space in your body by lengthening your spine, create space in your postures by finding length in your arms, now feel your breath, find the space there between each breath patiently waiting for you.

Here is a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh written in 1965, he was a monk dealing with the feelings of Anger which arose in his solitude, his quiet moments. It was written after the destruction of one of his villages with his people in it.

For Warmth

I hold my face between my hands
no I am not crying

I hold my face between my hands
to keep my loneliness warm
two hands protecting
two hands nourishing
two hands to prevent

my sound from leaving me
in anger

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