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Ahhh my dear friend finally got me out of the yoga studio and into the gym to mess with the big boys and all the weights and machines. Big day for me as I haven’t stepped foot into the gym since I started yoga except to run through to the yoga studio. I was feeling a little bit can’t be bothered, don’t need it, yoga is all I need kind of attitude but I am trying to step out and step up and try new things so resistance aside I landed on the running machine.
Deirdre started off the session by asking me what my goals are. Armmmm??? Well I wanted to keep my fitness and I’m pretty useless when it comes to core stuff. As I was chatting away about my down comings she hit on a plan to help me with the pose of horror in yoga ‘CROW’.
Actually this requires you to have a strong core and to isolate your muscles to hold and lift into this pose. So we set about with a look at my general fitness (enter the bike) and talked about how to maintain this is a general lifestyle without really spending hours in the gym. Helpful! Then we set about isolating the muscles required for crow pose. Dee showed my how to use some machines and then we did some core work. Well I loved it all.The personal attention, the helpful hints, the body analysis, the goal planning, the love the love. Deirdre has been doing this for eight years so she can quickly help you identify and isolate what your needs are ( a little of what you want a lot of what you need!) and from there help you with a programme that is easily achievable. Wrap this all up with kind and considerate attention, she actually cares about what is going on, then you have a fab addition to your fitness regime.
Deirdre’s personal fitness is important to her and this is reflected in her training with you. She is into weight training, cardio and yoga while teaching yoga at Abundance and group fitness at cityfitness porirua.
A mother of 2 wonderful young kids with a pretty damn cool hubby and a dog called Pocket and a cultivator of fine veges.
Here is a blurb from Dee and it’s all true.

I am a motivator for reaching short term and long term goals. I have the knowledge and the passion and am with my clients every step of the way. I like to think that I have an holistic approach to my style of training, if it is important to you it is important to me – my job and passions is to make the change happen with relative ease but in saying that there has to be a little bit of hard work along the way and always some homework!

Personal Training packages are sold 8, 16 or 24 session, the more you buy the cheaper they are. You are looking around $69.00 per 1 hour session.
You can contact Deirdre on: or see her bright shiny face at the City Fitness gym most days.
I really recommend adding some personal training to your life if you want one or all of the following;
Improve your yoga poses
Find strength, stability and stamina
Improve your overall functioning in daily life, by becoming more flexible
To learn more about your body and get you started on your journey
Wow list goes on

4 Comments on “Personal Training

  1. “Even though it’s the toughest workout in my week, I always have a blast training with Deirdre. Not only does she tailor a programme that fits my goals and the stage I am at, but she keeps me motivated and focused on the pro-cess. She brings her unique sense of humour to our workouts and, with a passion for fitness, helps me get the most out of each training session.” Christy Law

  2. “Deirdre is results-focused and provides encouragement to achieve my goals. Since starting with Deirdre my body is more toned and my core muscles are significantly stronger. I am looking forward to walking my next 10 km road race and will certainly enjoy skiing this winter.” Barbara Feeney

  3. “I always look forward to my training sessions with Deirdre as we have a great workout and I leave with a sense of achievement. Deirdre creates a different workout each session to keep my interest. I have seen very positive results in a short space of time.” Rachel Roberts

  4. “In the short time I have been training with Deirdre, I have noticed great results in many areas. Deirdre is a knowledgeable, energetic, motivational trainer who pushes me at times outside my comfort zone to help achieve my goals. Definitely a worthwhile investment for me!” Julia Park

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