364 Christmas Day: Keep Calm

364[1]My practice today is about being calm. The Christmas day has started and is in full swing. I practice single nostril breathing to balance me before the rest of the day gets underway. I snack on a few down dogs and seated poses amongst Christmas wrapping, animals and mess. Being calm is not so much something you try to be but a state to cultivate. Trying to be calm is just a way to cover up tension, being calm is a feeling that everything can just wash over you. Everything coming your way and you participate with a sense of acceptance.This quality of sattvia or equanimity is just a breath away. If I feel it become too much I will just come back to my intention for today, take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful day.
Practice for today. When you feel tension willing you to act anything other than kind, stop to recognise this.It will pass, just see it first.

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