365 Christmas Eve; You are Always ‘Something’

365[1]This is my commitment, yoga every day in some form or another.
Christmas Eve.
Starts early.
4:30am we are woken by some mad dancing on the beach plus fire works, I try to turn a bad situation into good by starting my yoga practice. I can’t get the computer to work it has malfunctioned. My brain is numb, I don’t want to be organic I want to be led through a practice by someone who has a soft voice and says nice things like ‘soften and melt, let go and surrender’. Instead I end up making up a mish mash of poses. They are not organic, they are viral. Lunges then back bends followed by hip openers. I will the computer to start. I finish by 6:00 am and declare it a waste of time. I have just wasted my time. Luckily it’s only 6:00 am.
I’m so tired.
I find out Tom has skin cancer at 3:00pm
I am worried.
The bubbles are in the fridge.
I am happy.
At 6:00pm I go back to soak myself into a nice yin practice, lots of long held hip openers. At 6:05pm the Christmas tree collapses and pours water all over the presents and onto my mat, narrowly missing me.
I am an idiot for not tying the tree back.
I take my mat outside and discover that yoga on the deck is not so bad.
Today my practice was about being what you are and still getting on with it. Some days we don’t want to practice because we are ‘fill in the adjective’. Everyday we are something. Make it your practice to recognize what you are and still practice anyway.

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