363 Boxing Day: Your Views versus the World

363[1]I discovered an interesting thing about setting an intention for the day( see entry 362). It works! I remained calm all day even when Granddad threw up his false teeth after a misaligned peanut got wedged in his throat.
My Daughter commented earlier in the morning that the presents were ruining my yoga. In her own way she was referring to one of my practices of ‘Asteya’ or non-hoarding, non- greed. This is one of the ‘commandments’ of yoga and it means to not take more than you need. This is relatively easy for me to practice on a day to day basis, I try to not eat more than I need, I’m not too interested in shopping endlessly for stuff,I try not to take up people’s precious time, I try to be moderate. However none of this seems possible on Christmas day. So many food, gifts, people… so the practice in gracious living then becomes accepting it for what it is and trying not to impose your values on the whole world just for one day.My truth and what I believe is not what anyone else believes.
I must admit though I was pretty pleased with the magimix blender. That didn’t ruin my day.
Today I practiced opening the front of my body in yoga, lots of long held up dogs, it felt good after yesterday’s indulgences. Tom joined me for savasana, a true yogi.
Practice for today: If you don’t approve of something remember it is just your values that make you feel that way.Try to not to wish everyone to see the world how you see it.

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