361 Everything’s a Mess

361[1]Today we go on holiday and so most of today will be spent with getting ready for the trip. Everything is a complete and utter mess. There are loads of washing undone, bags to pack, food to think about for seven days, children that need herding. I am doing most of this on my own. I don’t believe I am actually going to get there ( wherever that is). I’m starting to panic.It’s causing me to breath through my mouth. I’m taking in too much oxygen and stimulating my adrenals, I can feel cortisol coursing through my veins. I’m panicking so much now that I have stopped to do this blog.
We all have these days right? Too much to do, a seemingly lack of hours to do them in. We all have the same hours every day though. It’s how we view them that counts. It has been said that we all feel this stress but some of us just know what to do when this panicky feeling arises. We know how to handle it. One of my teachers says things have to get messy before change. This is true. Think of the spring clean, all that stuff laid out in piles, then the feeling of order starting to arise as we sort patiently through and complete the task. Think of the garden, all those weeds until we pick one little patch concentrate on that, not looking at the whole big garden just one little bit. Think of the washing, the kids, your job, your relationships. When all of these tasks become too much we can just pick one small aspect, start with that and complete it well. Move slowly and methodically until the mess goes.
Practice for today: When things start to get out of control, sit back, assess the situation and break it down into small parts. Achieve what you can of these small parts and remember that the mess always comes before the change.

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