362 The Alter

362[1]Today I made an alter, if it’s good enough for MC yogi it’s good enough for me. An alter is a place of reverence somewhere you can ‘pray’ towards or meditate on. It should be adorned with symbols representing your life and qualities in yourself you would like to reflect or manifest. I chose for mine, a photo of my Mother and myself. We are on a holiday and it is hot, there is an old car in the back ground and I am holding a shell. The shell is imagery that I use when I am teaching, ‘listen inside yourself and hear the sound of the ocean, like two shells over your ears’. My mother passed away when I was too young to really know her, this way I just imagine what our relationship would be now. There is a photo of our family on holiday in Malaysia, again really hot beach type holiday it was taken a few years back we had a great time on the beaches, swimming and exploring. I like the ragged beach look of us all. Some flowers from my garden to remind me of growth, new life and change. A candle to represent light, lightness. An incense holder and some incense. A statue of a goddess (I am not sure who). I am going to keep this corner clean and beautiful so I can have a space to meditate or do yoga.
Practice for today: Make a place in your house that is ‘sacred to you’. Every time you pace this place recall an intention or remember to be grateful for all you have.

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