360 Yoga in a Tight Space

360[1]It’s going to happen to us sooner or later. We are going to be in a place where yoga becomes almost physically impossible. We could be in hospital, jail, sick, on a plane, in an office or like me on a boat. I have one position vertical. I am a tree, I am a mountain. That’s all. How can you do yoga in tight places? Mark Sanford the yoga teacher paralysed from the neck down explains how yoga is what happens when you take the body away. It is the senses, the vibrations. It is the feeling you generate through your body. It is the waves of energy. I often think about how I would be without the use of my body. Not much good I imagine. I’m too desperate for the postures, too much. So what can we add when we are in a tight space? We can start with the grounding, wherever you are feel your connection to what holds you to the earth. Without this upward flow of energy you are not doing yoga. Move to the senses, really feel inwards, sense the change of the breath, the movement of Prana (energy) though your body. Sight will allow you to practice Drishti (meditative gaze). Hearing will allow you to practice a meditation based on sound or vibration (try bees breath; block off your ears and hum internally) Taste will allow you to really enjoy each bite of your food. Touch will allow you to feel the soap suds on your hand as you wash the dishes.

Practice for today: Do something different. Yoga in a chair. Mediate in a different way, do tree in an odd place. Step out of your normal routine and imagine what your practice would be without the use of your body or your yoga mat.

Let me know how you get on.

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