358: My Religion is Kindness

358[1]The trouble with yoga is that the more you do it the more you get to discover your shadow side. I think I was much happier when I had no idea how many flaws I had and just blundered my way through life annoying everyone. Now each flaw is glaringly obvious, like the pages of a kid’s book they pop out at me in some way most days. Even if I took one of them each year and worked on that with a resolution then I would not get through them all before I died. I need something a bit quicker.
I have summarised my darker side into three main areas that need work.
1) Intolerance; shows up any time someone does something that I don’t approve of. Usually their bad habits that I don’t want to witness. Noisy eating, nose picking, loud voices,
2) Impatience; in the form of hurry up, will you just hurry up, come on I’m waiting, we are going to be late, you are going to be late, and could you go a little quicker.
3) Judgement; oh that’s not right/good enough/how it should be done. You should know better, what did you do that for?
Just to be sure I ran my list by my family asking them to add any others for my top three but all I got was a ‘that should do it’.
When asked what his religion was the Dalai Lama said this, ‘my religion is kindness’. And there it is in a nutshell. How to make a resolution for 2013; be kind.
If you are kind then each moment you have a choice how to act, behave, speak or think. You can choose to be one of your top ten records going round and round or you can choose to be kind.
Practice for today: When you feel you are stepping into one of your habitual roles or reaction patterns, step back a moment and ask yourself, ‘what would be the kindest action in this situation?’ You might just surprise yourself.

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