359: The Abundance of Rain

20121230_120522[1]I’m sitting here in my little rain box of a boat. It’s pelting down and we are bobbing on a rhythm of sea and rain and wind. I think about how generous nature is, how it just gives without expecting in return. We can learn nearly every life lesson from nature; we can learn yoga postures from nature.
The rain though, I can almost feel it’s feeding of the earth and how the earth then gives back. I can almost smell the honey of beech trees; the scent emanating from the selfless rain. I think how only the damp earth can receive the rain.
Rain is generous and giving and I am not always. Generosity is born out of a person’s belief of two things. I have enough and we are all interconnected in some way to each other and to nature. What happens, then, if we feel like we cannot give? We can’t give our time, our body, our energy, our money. We can’t give because there might not be enough for us. What happens is we contract. Contraction happens in nature as well. As the soil dries and splits then it can’t receive the rain. The water pours over it and finds ways to destroy as there is no longer a natural distribution.
When we have enough, when we give, the opposite happens, we expand. Giving also opens us up for abundance. Have you ever noticed that when you give that something always comes back to you? Conversely when you live in a fear of not having enough something will be taken away from you.
Practice for today: Find some way to give something you wouldn’t normally give. If you have trouble giving time, give time to someone. If you have difficulty giving affection, give affection. When you give do it without expecting return or putting your name to it.

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