357 We All Die on the Exhale


sWe All Die on the Exhale
Yesterday my dog nearly died. We had been visiting friends and while sitting on the beach our friend’s dog attacked ours. She grabbed Stella around the neck and wouldn’t let go. She started to shake and squeeze our dog. Finally Stella was released after what seemed like minutes but it maybe was only 15 seconds, I don’t know I had lost sense of time and space, my world spun and I died for a moment at the end of my next breath. Then Stella let out the most terrible noise I thought she had died. I took her back to our boat and sat with her. We were miles from no-where. Finally after a few hours her heart started to slow down and she calmed her erratic breath down to a steady and slow pace.
I didn’t realise how much I was attached to her until that moment. At that moment and the following few hours I started thinking about what is important in life. We all have these moments, deaths, near miss accidents, illness, scares and we all say ‘It makes you realise what is important in life’ What is that exactly? It is family, it is life, it is connection, and it is relationship. Then how come we can be more polite to the owner of the dairy than to our own family? How come we can say we know what is important but forget it in a moment’s notice, a moment when we feel the world revolves around us? Why do we forget it when we kiss our children good bye, happy to have space?
Every day we are given reminders, reminders of this importance, every day we choose to forget. Just really how important is your in-tray when your child is in hospital? How important is what someone said to you 10 years ago when that someone is suffering or in pain? How important is it to hang onto all our suffering, hurts and fears when all of it can be taken away on a exhale?

Practice for Today; Have a look around you, assess what is really important and spend the rest of the day nurturing that.

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