355: The Eye of the Storm

20130103_191005[1]Living in a small space with children is a yoga practice if ever I met one. Our boat is becoming smaller by the minute. If you do anything it needs to be instantly cleaned up or else disorder begins. As adults we try to contain the teenager’s spewing bags of clothes and our son’s unruly limbs.
Now with the rain well and truly set in and no escape I can see where the term cabin fever comes from. Everyone goes slightly off balance, vying for space and energy in what little remains. Little squabbles break out.
And then a real storm hits us. Sixty knots NW Winds threaten the water box, they come late at night. It tears moorings out to sea and causes chaos, it makes out boat rock so hard that I feel even its nine tonne weight won’t stand a chance. It throws cups off benches and makes the dog creep under the covers. I am scared. The children are scared, after all their pent up energy of the day now it’s time for the real show.
The storm raged until 3am when it just decided enough! The stars came out and the moon. We woke to a gracious day, the wind couldn’t put out the sun.
The yogis often refer to the term Upesksha which means equanimity. It is the place at the eye of the storm. The center or middle ground. This is this is the place where there is stillness and breath and calm. This is our refuge to go to when we find ourselves spinning violently out of control, when we are riding the hem of the storm.
Where is this place for you? It might be a breath or it might be a thought or even some physical activity.
Practice for today: If something claims you away from your centre point take a deep breath and visualise what is or where is your eye in the storm. Where can you go to until this to, passes?

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