353: Graceful Transitions

20130105_160044[1]Coming back from holiday, back to daily life is a transition we all make. This is a fairly small one but can still be fraught with the changing moods that come with moving from one stage of your day to another. We are faced with these stages daily, monthly and yearly. They are also marked by the seasons. Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, suggests that at the change of each season we should eat certain foods or even perform different types of yoga Asana to facilitate balance as the seasons change. They have also divided the day into different periods of sleep and wakefulness and encourage certain practices to accompany these different periods
So each day also, we must make transitions.Every day we go to work and then come home, another stepping stone between work and family life.These are the patterns our life takes.
Some of these transitions can be traumatic. Losing a job or loved one, going from working full time to being a Mother.Entering a new relationship or school. How do we make the transition smooth and seamless without swinging from one extreme to the other? The answer may lie in what the Buddhists term non-grasping. Grasping is a term used to suggest that we want to hang onto what we have had. We are pleasure seekers at heart always wanting to keep close to us that what keeps us happy. We avoid pain if we can at all costs. So when our life takes a turn for the worst, or even better we are inclined to try to hang onto what pleases us, this is where our suffering and discontentment can take hold.
Going with the flow or stepping into the current is how we can alleviate the stress of transition.We may not always be exactly where we think we should be in life, but how do we know that where we are is not exactly where we are meant to step? This fighting with our circumstances and bemoaning our fate is oh so human of us.
Practice for Today: Make a commitment to yourself that when you step into your next transition that you will do it with grace, accepting what the universe has offered you that day.

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