351:Don’t Ask Me for my Advice

20130107_154819[1]I heard a lot of weird things on my teacher training course. ‘You are a spark of the divine’, ‘you are God’ and ‘who are you’? I honestly couldn’t comprehend that I was God. I certainly didn’t feel like I was.
While watching the movie ‘The Sessions’ I was struck by how the main character wanted the opinion of those around him. He was asking a Catholic priest and his helper if he should see a sex therapist. They both gave their take on the situation.I was sitting there formulating my own. Everyone has a different take on what they see.
I have stopped giving advice where I can. The reason for this is that my construct of the world is just mine. I have also discovered a very interesting thing and it is this. When we really need help, advice or opinion the answer is really inside of us. I am God…… there it is. If we are in trouble though, how to we access the answer? The technique is simple. Sit quietly and listen. Listen inside and it will come to you. Take a walk and it will come to you. Push aside what others are telling you and it will be there.
Recently I had the eye opening experience of Direct Access Kinesiology. Direct Access Kinesiology is a holistic complementary therapy that uses a clients muscle response to gain insights into what is creating imbalance in the body. A Direct Access Kinesiologist treats mental, emotional and physical imbalances by working with the bodies innate intelligence via muscle tests. The practitioner can locate where and what is out of balance and also what priority techniques are needed for healing. A number of healing modalities are drawn on in balances including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Acupressure and energy healing. It is an incredibly gentle holistic therapy that can help anyone on their journey to health, happiness and well-being. In short the practitioner uses the bodies muscle reflexes to get the answers the client needs. It is very powerful, the body knows the answer.
Practice for today:If there is something puzzling you or a question you need an answer to sit quietly and wait for the answer to come. Try to locate the first sensation or response, separating it from the overflow of others voices.

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