350:Is That All There Is?

20130108_163809[1]Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves back to the routine of our everyday life. Some of us will return to work others back to cooking and cleaning, a holiday just a distant memory. The new year can be an unsettling time for a lot of people as we discover that nothing much has changed, things are either still boring, stressful or not as fulfilling as we had hoped. We may look around and discover that we don’t quite have the life we thought we should have by now. We may decide to do something about that also by setting goals or intentions.Some of us will have a pervasive feeling of ‘is that all there is’?
As humans we seemed programmed to get used to whatever condition we have created for ourselves and thereby moving the marker for our satisfaction out a few more feet. Our shiny new car just becomes a car, our new job that we struggled and fought to get becomes just another job. Some of us find that the life that we so desperately sought after is a source of stress. The high incomes, fancy trips and meals are seen as compensation for the long hours and constant demands of others. They too, are no longer pleasurable.
Complacency for what we have sets in so quickly, and it’s a sliding quick sand of a scale, the more you struggle to arrange your exterior pleasures, the more you sink deeper into the sand.
My day today has been simple, really simple and I wanted a little more drama to give me some fuel for this ever hungry blog. I got up, did the dishes, cooked some food and tidied the house. Is that all there is? Then I remembered such a simple statement presented to me as a gift, ‘At least you get to do it’.
Practice for today: When something seems like a burden or something you don’t want to do, say to yourself ‘at least I get to do it’. At least I get to go to work, look after my children, cook nice food. Then consider all those who would hold this as the most marvelous thing in the world. If this fails, go and do someone Else’s dishes, they always seem so much better!

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