348: Karma Farmer

20130110_103312[1]I am jealous of my neighbor’s garden. Everything is in rows and prolific. I sometimes take a few tips from him, this type of seaweed makes a good fertilizer, wild peas or cocoa husks from the chocolate factory make good mulch. Is it fate his garden is good? Probably not? maybe god? Who knows.Is it the effort that he puts in? Most likely. Tending and nurturing the soil takes time and consideration. Understanding the natural cycle of life, where and when to plant improves the conditions for fecundity. Cause and effect, causing the effect.
We too, have power in our hands to change and shape our destiny just like a garden. If we take time to improve the conditions of the soil ( our thoughts) and then plant appropriate seeds, (our actions) then we will find that our garden thrives ( our character).
Karma is often defined incorrectly as fate. But it is not fate at all. Karma is the sum total of our actions as performed in this life time and others before us. We end up with the life that we deserve by the actions we perform. If you want to know what your life will be like in the future, look at your thoughts now. We create our life through our thoughts and we can change our life through our thoughts. All our actions begin in our minds, there they build up and manifest into something bigger. It is our choice as to what seeds we plant.
Buddha in his Dharmapada (1) says;
The thought manifests as the word,
the world manifests as the deed,
the deed manifests as the habit
and the habit manifests as the character.

So the good news is that if your life is not going exactly how you envisage you can change that right now by planting different seeds. Think big too, not just sesame seeds, go for big bright ones to benefit you and the people around you. Go for thoughts that will enrich you not only for this lifetime but all of your lifetimes.
Practice for today: The best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago, the second best time is today. Plant a seed of thought in your mind about what you want to achieve or do and watch it grow.

(1)Dharmapada is a collection of sayings of the Buddha in verse form and one of the most widely read and best known Buddhist scriptures

2 Comments on “348: Karma Farmer

  1. Hi Gabrielle, I’ve just discovered your 365 days of yoga- love it! Your last few posts are particularly pertinent as I was just starting to let irritation/envy creep in as I listen to friends’ holidays tales. Their husbands/ partners have had weeks off and all done uber cool stuff etc etc, however, you are so right. I’ve been here, with my children and that is more than enough. Today I’m all about gratitude for that. ( Although I have managed to ignore them for the last half hour while I read all your posts!)

    • Hey Belinda great to hear that you can get something more out of your life/day by creating this lovely awareness. Yoga is about that. See you on the yoga block girl. Power to you!

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