346: My Body is a Temple

20130112_063955[1]Well it was until last night when I decided red wine was the thing to do.Now it is more like a shanti-town. I’m not sure whether it was the dishwasher breaking in the middle of the dinner party, or the line from my neighbor ‘this wine is so good you won’t get a hangover’, whatever the reason I now have a headache.I struggled through a few twists in a vague attempt to de-toxify and then some restorative poses lying on my bolster. They were just a cover up for a nap.

According to yogis the chances of us being born to this life of privilege ( if you are reading this you are living that life, but maybe just forgot), is the same chance as a blind disabled turtle rearing it’s head through a random lifesaver ring someone threw into the ocean. Which is nearly nil. So I’m not sure what possessed me to squander hours on self indulgence.

The fact is today I don’t think I will be reaching any stages of enlightenment at all. Frankly I’m disappointed in myself once again.I can barely water the garden let alone my soul. I just have to remind myself like the inscription in King Solomon’s ring ‘ This too shall pass’. Secondly I need to remind myself that I’m human.

Practice for today: Be kind to yourself, things aren’t always going to go to plan, you will slip up somewhere. Remember that your life is very precious and too short to waste it admonishing yourself.

2 Comments on “346: My Body is a Temple

  1. I think my comment could of been brought on by my few glasses I had consumed prior to the opening of aforementioned red wine!

    Love the posts ! Read them in all
    one sitting but now have signed up to receive daily!

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