341: What Did you Learn Today?

lake1NCEA results are out and around the country there is sure to be whoops of joy and quiet tears as teenagers unwrap how they have been judged by the NZ education system. My own daughter who did really well was still disappointed to not have received an excellence for the subject she loves the most, art.

When you love something and bring your attention to doing that activity you are truly focused and at one with yourself, there is no time or tension, just you and the activity.

Today I heard a story about a boy who was attending a special school for home schooled children. The children turned up each day and chose what was of interest to them and studied that. This particular boy used to sit outside each day and watch the lake. By six he couldn’t read or write but he had a thorough understanding of the lake’s ecosystem. He was also a happy contented child and well liked. His parents were dismayed a little at his seemingly lack of progress, his inability to read or write.
Around the age of 12 he suddenly took his learning to the computer. He then taught himself to read and write so he could navigate the symbols. By 16 he had started and sold his own business and by 19 he was an amazing and inspiring entrepreneur.

Today I learnt that if you relax into what you love, take your focus and attention there you will find success regardless of what ‘mark’ you are given. Also if you take that love, attention and dedication to other parts of your life you will effect others. All this energy is not of use if you only keep it to yourself.

Practice for Today: Where the mind goes the body goes. What is it that you bring your full attention to and where is is that you don’t? Work at ironing out the bumps between attention and distraction so you can take that dedication of what it is you love to all parts of your life.

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