340: Stop Complaining

hot-sun-Today it was 46 degrees in Sydney, apparently it’s a record. When you went outside it was like a hot air oven turned on all over your body. It actually felt dangerous to be in. The heat built up during the day and snuck into all the spaces in the room we were doing yoga, it crept over all 50 of us like a suffocating blanket and at one stage I thought I might pass out.
What is the difference between us when circumstances are awry? One person may view this experience as a chance to practice tolerance, patience, awareness and realise its impermanence. Another person may feel the heat and then fully engage in adding their own special sauce of suffering. ‘It’s too hot, I have to get out, this is ridiculous, untenable’. Also to add more fuel to the fire they will gather allegiance by gathering people around them to join in on the complaining.
Usually when we are stuck in this type of suffering we become unsure of how we got there and so the original condition ( the heat) is forgotten, and we are just miserable for no reason even when the sky opens and the rain pours down.
You can be walking in the heat and suffering or you can just be walking in the heat. How you live your life is your choice.
Practice for Today: When you feel any sign of suffering coming your way today in any shape or form remember that 1) it will pass 2) you can choose to add more suffering to the original condition that bought you there.

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