339: Doubt your Doubts

QuestionMarkToday in class a student asked some questions about meditation. Am I doing it right? Should this be happening? I wasn’t sure if it was right when…’. He was seeking confirmation that he was on the right path.

Self doubt is one of our strongest tendencies. It is a feature of the mind that will keep arising and coming up just when you least expect it. Doubt is confusion painted with fear. Fear that things are not going as they should, fear that you may be wrong. The doorway of doubt is our mind and intellect is its fire. If we strongly identify with understanding things, knowing or our intellect then doubt can be one of our core themes.

When we enter into doubt it can take hold of us and we can become stuck in this ‘not knowing’. We can become confused. The advice from our teacher today was stop asking yourself ‘what should I do?’ and transform that basic doubt to trust. Trust in yourself, trust that you are on the right path, trust that what you need will be there for you when you need it, trust in your intuition. Give it some room to breath.

Practice for today: If you feel doubt well up inside you give it a container to land in. Into that container pour a couple of ingredients. The first compassion, we all suffer from doubt… you are not alone and the second trust, trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be now

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