337: What would Tom Say?

speech bubleHaving just arrived back home after a great course with Sarah Powers I feel ready and invigorated to take on whatever comes my way.We all have teachers in our life. For some of us it could be a parent or child, for others a wise person that we look up to. A great teacher is an embodiment of how we want to live our life. We can look at them and in some way see a part of them that we want to emulate. I feel lucky to have so many teachers in my life,my children, my neighbhour, my friend and Tom.

Tom is my partner of 28 years. He has an even temperament and isn’t swayed by the comings and goings of life like I am. He is steady and calm. I am not. He is patient, I am not. He is generous. I call him Tom in winter, Tom in summer ( no huge seasonal change).

When I am with any of my teachers they are great levelers. They can help you see things from a different point of view, or they can hold up a mirror to you reflecting back to you your darker side. When we hit that wall inside us it is easy to beat up or abandon yourself. A great teacher will take that wall down for you one brick at a time.

When I am not sure how to act in a situation or what to say I call upon my teacher and say to myself ‘What would Tom say’. Nine times out of ten it is the opposite of how I am thinking or want to act. When we are in the depths of our situation it can be difficult to see a peep hole of light can’t it?

Practice for today: Who is your teacher/s? Bring them to mind and the qualities of that person you would like to emulate. Create a container for them to be part of your life when you need them.

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