336: Talking the talk, walking the walk

Shopping in a supermarket as a yoga teacher I have to be careful. Someone might see what I have in my trolley, like wine or chocolate, something inappropriate. I try to shop ‘around the edges’. sleepSome days my trolley is out of control, veering all over the supermarket not knowing any particular direction, sometimes it’s neat and in order, I know what I want, simple and easy.
Today on top of my groceries I piled a lot of life as well. The out of control veering type of life events piled one on top of the other. I had on my list, a group of 58 students, Father moving into a rest home, teachers to organise, two children and house plus my business to run and of course a blog to write.

This is what I did. I ate and cooked. Phone and drove, drove and ate, talked and walked. I doubled up and even at one stage witnessed a tripling of activities. By 11 am I had a splitting headache. I honestly had no idea how I could achieve all of the above, so many people, so little time.
My teacher rang. His advice was…. ‘go to what is in front of you’, one thing at a time.
Going to what is in front of you is very very good advice. We try to pull in all we can from the periphery by doing as much as we can as fast as we can. This creates stress and confusion.
This what is written in yoga about doing one thing at a time.

Work when you work
Eat when you eat
Play when you play
Sleep when you sleep.

Practice for today: If you are pulled from all directions by many people just look at what it is in front of you. Your priority lays there. Rest your awareness there and everything will fall into your trolley neatly.

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