334: Searching for a Miracle

miracleI’m not sure if you have ever been caught in the rip tide of someones emotions. Like the real rip tides that carry you out to sea they are worse when you struggle against them. The best thing when you are caught is to relax and you will be carried out to safe water where you can then turn and swim back to shore.
And so this is where I start my day from….
My Father after having been admitted to the rest home suddenly became very determined to leave. Anger, frustration, confusion and depression had joined hands to create chaos in whatever parts of his brain were still functioning. The chaos and emotions spread to the nurses, staff and residents and then I was called in to fix it. What can I do? I have no idea. I have never had any experience with this? I don’t want to be forceful or try to change someones mind. My Father is very strong and determined so I knew this was going to be big. So what do you do?
When someone is in a storm the best thing you can do is set up a safe container for them to be heard and to know that you are holding space for them.
A gentle breaststroke to the outskirts

This was helpful in not escalating the situation but I needed more, I needed a miracle actually.

Miracles are tiny pockets of grace that are presented to you each and every day, it’s just that we don’t notice them.

They could be so tiny that we step right on them. Maybe it’s a word to point you in the right direction, an offer that comes at the right time, an illness to keep you at home for the day to protect you from something greater on the outside, or a simple smile.
I love the story of a miracle smile. A man, suicidal, was crossing the road. When he stopped at the red lights to cross a woman beamed the most beautiful smile at him. He then changed his mind about death as he felt some love, a transmission of grace jumped right on over the wind screen and landed on him.
My miracle came in the form of a fire drill. All 112 residents were shepherded outside into the rain. With all the confusion, wheel chairs and noise Dad just simply realised something or he completely forgot something.
I watched him swim out to the safety of the shore.

Practice for today: Start looking for miracles in your day. They are there just hiding beneath the layers waiting for the right time to be shown to you.

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