332: Not Negotiable

Looking after yourself is key in being able to serve others. Without some ‘go-to’ practices, some anchors of wellbeing, we might find ourselves becoming frazzled and stressed when things are not running smoothly.
asana_butterflySome things in life aren’t negotiable, sleep, food, water, and possibly dental hygeine.To this list I add my own. Exercise, yoga in its many forms and healthy eating.
If something is non negotiable it is generally understood by the people around you that you MUST do this, for everyone’s safety and well-being. This became quite obvious to me one day when my child asked me ‘have I done my yoga yet?’ during one of my tantrums.
Mostly though, our non-negotiables only extend to work and getting things done ( often for others) but they ignore the fact that we all need a set of basic practices to put something into our well-being bank balance.
Here are some suggestions for your daily health, try one or a few but do them for at least 30 days or try your own.

Start the day with lemon and water: this kick starts your system and gives it a good cleanse. It’s also great for your skin. Although it tastes acidic it is alkaline in the gut therefore is great for digestion.

One yoga pose: Try anything you like; a long held seated pose like butterfly will have great effects on the energy of your body and work at detoxing the spleen, gall and urinary bladder. Maybe something vigorous like down dog which is a good fitness pose might suit you if you are feeling more energetic.

Some breathing: Sit cross legged block off one nostril breath in and out three times through that, block off the opposite nostril breath three times in and out, unblock both nostrils and breath in and out three times. This will have a nice calming and balancing effect.

Meditate: There are many techniques. Sit comfortably and inhale for the count of two, exhale for the count of two. Try to keep track of the counting. Simple technique, a little trickier to execute.

Practice for today: Decide what your non-negotiable well being acts will be and commit to one of them for the next 30 days.

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