331: Providence

nunToday I learnt the meaning of an old word, providence. Providence is divine guidance or care. Today I saw providence in action.
We cleaned out my Father’s flat and all his stuff. We had hired a bin to put everything in and had already donated a good deal of stuff to charity. About five minutes into the job I realised that the bin wasn’t quite big enough. I started to worry….. the job wasn’t going to get done and I was going to have to sort out an alternative in the short time we had left.

Mid worry, an oldish lady who turned out to be a nun, came up to me and asked what I was doing. When I told her, she explained that she was having a fund raiser next week to raise money for the church and she would gladly take all the bits and pieces.

She told me her story and how she arrived in New Zealand in 1962 to do service. All her life was dedicated to helping others. When I expressed gratitude for helping, she said quite simply, this is providence, it is restoring the order of how things are meant to be.

There is always help there for you, whatever it is just wait and it will come to you. The nature of the universe is providence. When things seem hazy, confused, rushed or chaotic don’t worry, don’t fret, trust that things will go as they are meant to.

Practice for today: If things don’t seem to be going exactly how you plan, remember the word providence. Trust in the natural order of the universe.

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