330: Getting Back to Normal

jill bolte taylorIf normal was a place I think I would like to visit it. Here is what it looks like to me. Get up, clean the house, get the children off to school, more cleaning, write a blog, do some yoga, get kids, cook dinner, drink wine go to bed. Normal is routine, everything in its place, no drama on my face.
However I won’t be going there for a while, with trying to settle Dad into a home, plus other unexpected commitments normal has taken off and left me. It has left me with chaos, disorganisation, mess and last minute choices. It has left me with not knowing where or how I could be in any given moment.
Please take the time to watch this video. It is a story of how someone never got ‘back to normal’ but instead experienced a transformation through her near death experience. It proves that sometimes not being normal can be the most amazing experience. She examines the functions of the right and left hemisphere and how stepping to the ‘right’ of your left hemisphere can make a difference in how you connect to this world.Enjoy.

Practice for today: When you realise that you are not the ‘choreographer of your life’ celebrate that sometimes giving over control over to life events as they arise can bring new awakenings, new joys.

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