328: Entering the Fray, calmly

20120704_073247It struck me this week that I was particularly calm amid all the chaos of illness and rest homes. It was as if the week long mediation course had built up my emotional bank balance to a high enough level to sustain the kicks and knocks of the week.

There have been innumerable studies to prove the health benefits of meditation. It is a transformative practice that we can all gain from. But why should we bother?

It is commonly accepted that regular mediation lowers blood pressure and those who have a regular practice of twenty minutes a day have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. It has been stated that is is the most successful alternative medicine available. It regulates the hormones of the autonomic system creating more relaxation and deeper sleep.

More importantly it can have a profound effect on our emotional life. It is unbelievably powerful, if taken seriously, at creating a self-reflective center to witness our fluctuating emotions in daily life.

Often people come to meditation because they want to make a shift in the inner filter of how they experience their lives. Our filter or lens on life is how we view the world and in turn how we experience our life.

As we learn to centre ourselves deeper than our thoughts and beliefs we start to see the judging mind as it comes up with clarity. This in turn begins to change our external experience. For example, our partner may say something that triggers us, making us angry. If we analysed this, it is not our partner that has upset us but the trigger.

When you meditate you learn to be a witness to these triggers which gives you enough time to say to yourself ‘stop’ this is not about my partner but what has triggered me. We can witness our own reactivity and this will make a huge difference to your relationships. Meditation, therefore, teaches you the skills of giving yourself some distance. It doesn’t ask you to repress or get rid of emotions but to get beneath them.

Practice for Today: Consider starting a meditation practice today. If you are unsure where to start please email me!

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