326: Jumping out of the Pool

nice swimming poolAs I was reading some hotel reviews on trip advisor I had to laugh when I came across this ‘It was all very nice but there weren’t enough steps to get out of the pool so we had to push up on the edges to climb out’

Time for a reality check. If you are reading this blog or even trip advisor, or even have been on a holiday you are amongst the top 5 % of people living in privilege in the world. You probably have somewhere to live, are not living amongst war, famine or disease and it’s likely you have clean water to drink. You quite possibly don’t do hard manual labour all day and don’t live in an undesirable political atmosphere. You are privileged and you have done some good in this life or another to get here.
Jumping out of the pool is our way of avoiding anything that is slightly not to our liking. How about jumping back in and taking the little annoyances with all the good? It seems to me that our job as humans is to worry or complain about tiny little things and when there are no little things to worry or complain about we fill the gap by making something up.

My teacher told me once that worry is like sitting in a rocking chair rocking away, it gives you something to do but you are not going anywhere.

Practice for today: We all have our own versions of jumping out of the pool. Focus on the beauty in your life. If there are minor annoyances today just laugh them away, bring yourself back to the big picture of life. Turn up the volume of beauty and fine tune your need to find fault, worry or complain.

2 Comments on “326: Jumping out of the Pool

  1. That’s so funny. Just the other day I was taking my preschoolers to the beach for a swim and I caught myself complaining in my head about the injustice of having to walk from the car ACROSS THE SAND to get to the water. Admittedly I was tired and it was more about having to carry the children and all the paraphernalia than about wanting a sherpa to ease my way but really. Sometimes we forget how easy we’ve got it.

    • Good on you, you have bought some more awareness to your life. Ha! children eh? They are our biggest yoga practice for sure. Go well and thanks for the feedback.

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