317: How to Meditate, a quick guide

meditaionThere are many different ways to meditate. What is important when starting a practice is to set your intention about how and when you will do it. Start slowly with five minutes and build up week by week. It takes around 90 days to form a habit so be patient with yourself! Here is a technique for meditating. I also think that you need a teacher. See below for some more information. A teacher will give you guidance through your learning. Just as we can’t learn everything from books, a teacher will bring your practice to life.

This meditation will help you cultivate mindfulness. This is helpful in the everyday world to make concious choices about what you are doing an help you step out of reactivity or following impulse and habit.
Step 1. Find a comfortable seat, cross legged and straight spine. If you are ill by all means do this in bed.
Step 2. Close your eyes or keep your eyes downcast and slightly open with heavy lids.
Step 3. As you breath in and out use one of the techniques here to focus your attention on your breathing.
a) as you inhale say in your mind ‘inhale’ as you exhale say ‘exhale
b) focus your attention on the sensations of the breath. Notice the flow in and out of your nostrils and the quality tone of your breath. Notice whatever sensations are present.
c) counting each cycle. Each time you exhale that counts as one cycle so mentally count ‘one’. Continue counting until you reach ten. If your mind wanders and you lose count go back to one again.

As you meditate all sorts of thought trails will bustle to your mind wanting your attention. The thing is to acknowledge them then go back to your technique. Good luck!

Meditation teacher online.
Pete Fernando has been teaching meditation for years. Here is the information to get you started.
“The practices offered in A Month of Mindfulness derive from the teachings of Early Buddhism, as well as contemporary approaches to mindfulness and meditation.
You determine the start date.You choose what to focus on as your main theme, and what questions to bring to the optional skype sessions. This will determine the flavour of how your month unfolds.
All you need is a computer, a cushion and maybe an iPod – and you’re good to go! You don’t have to be on retreat. You can do this in the midst of your life as it is.”

Practice for today: Make a commitment to starting a meditation. Even just do some investigation for yourself.

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