316: How To Find Love and Beauty in Each Day

weddingLove and beauty are all around us, each day. The problem is we are usually so busy trying to get something done or rushing from one moment the the next that we miss them.

Here is how I witnessed beauty yesterday; A flower tied onto a lamppost, a still lake with light shining through the trees, a beautiful young woman getting married, warm sun, a platter of home grown vegetables, smiling faces.

Love showed up like this; A newly formed family hugging, a promise to someone, a short and heartfelt speech, the work of many many people to organise a wedding, community, family, forgiveness, acceptance, enjoyment.

The truth is that I was at my niece’s wedding and these qualities were highlighted. However these heart/ soul qualities of love and beauty surround us everyday.
Why not make each moment beautiful? Why not fill out your day with love.

Practice for today: Life is pretty short, pretend you are at a wedding each day and see how much love and beauty you can find in your everyday life.

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