313: How to Love Yourself

With Valentines day in the air I thought it might be more useful to think about how to love yourself instead.

How Not to Love yourself:
Be inwardly or outwardly critical of work you have done, finding fault or displeasure with it.
Use the words should’ve and could’ve and I wish I’d to express your perceived failings
Freeze a little on the inside when someone pays you a compliment
Believe in your doubts about yourself
Don’t take any time out from the day for physical or spiritual development
Eat crap (processed) food
Stay up late

How to love yourself
As Oscar Wilde said ‘ Be yourself, everyone else is taken’. Your self criticism and deprecating ways may have fired you up to get things accomplished up till now, but at what cost does perfectionism come to you?
Accept yourself for who you are which is an unfinished sculpture. Instead of wasting time admonishing yourself or rejecting praise embrace it all. A polished yogi/yogini remembers that you are not trying to change yourself in anyway but you are trying to find the uncovered genius underneath all your layers or attempts at self rejection.
Start with the physical, nourish your body with good food, eat mainly plant based and not too much. Get some sleep, when we are tired the shadow mind shows up even stronger.
Spend a little of your day contemplating how you can put more back into yourself rather than take it out.

To love yourself requires quite a bit of courage, but well worth it.

Practice for today: If all else fails just remind yourself of this picture
dog love
Be the person your dog thinks you are

Happy Valentines day

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