308: It’s worse in your head

People say the first sign of madness is talking out loud to yourself. In fact if you heard someone do this you would think ‘crazy’! However this is what we do all day long except we don’t externalise it.
What if everything we said to ourselves was put on a reel and played through a megaphone so everyone could hear. Would you think funny! Crazy! Weird!?
We have around 60 thousand thoughts like this everyday, most of them rubbish and most of them the same as we had yesterday.
We specialise in rehashing ( if only I’d, I wish I’d) or rehearsing ( If she says this, I’ll, If it rains, I’ll).
In grammatical terms the second lot of phrases are termed conditionals. The second part of the sentence (I’ll……) is conditional on the first part ( the ‘If’ part) happening.

However the first part never normally happens.

Worry therefore is based on a non real future we form in our head and then keep to ourselves, turning it over and over, and then enlarging and magnifying it. As one clever person told me, the things that you worry about the most, are the least likely to happen.

My friend said to me this morning, it’s always worse in your head. True! It’s always worse in your head.
Step out of the mindstream, step out of the story and the rehash and rehearse, step into what is happening right now.

yellow_card_smPractice for today. Write down or say out loud at least 3 of your top ten records. The ones you like to play over and over. It could be work, money, health, kids, relationships. Now look them in the eye, examine them. Are they true? Are they real? Or are they something you just want to cling onto because you get something out of it.

Further reading. You might enjoy the work of Bryon Katie who makes you look fair and square if something is true or just fabricated in your mind.

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