305: Gratitude in Action

gratefulBeing grateful and showing gratitude has a number of positive spin offs. It has been shown to make you happier, reduce stress, sleep better and improve your immune system.

It’s not enough though to have an attitude to gratitude, you need to get it out there into the world and spread that energy around.

Here is a three-part way to thank someone from Kelly McGonical.

1) Find the benefit. What good came to you from the person you are thanking?

2) Acknowledge the effort. What might have been hard for the person you are thanking.

3) Spot the strength. What good do you see in the person you are thanking.

Something like this.

To my dear readers, I would really like to thank you for the support you have given me in reading my blog and making comments. I realise that it takes time to do that and we are all busy people, but it is through your acknowledgements that I have will to keep at it. I sincerely hope that your reading of this blog will enable you to carry all that love you have shown me out into the world.

Practice for today; Take your thanks out into the world. Craft something either written or spoken and see what comes back to you when you put it out there. When you see the good in others it inspires both of you to be the best version of yourselves.

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