306: Getting the Junk out of the Trunk

I wondered if I had reached rock bottom when I stopped to go through someones recycling today and pull out three top of the range magazines. It felt wrong and right at the same time.  I can buy my own magazines so why did I take some used ones out of a bin? Because I couldn’t believe you would just throw out something so good without thinking of someone else that might need it more.

My friend thought it was wonderful, a redistribution of the universe’s treasures. The suburban version. In fact, she told me, her son had just sequestered a beautiful yellow bike off the street for his son, that was set for the scrap yard.

In America and other countries, they have accumulated so much stuff they must have lock ups to store it all. Often those lock ups get sold off in auctions, sight unseen.

A woman down the road who sees a use of everything that passes through her hands, is living a hoarders life with paper stacked to the ceiling.

My partner declared when we couldn’t find a connection for the TV ( we had previously thrown out)  ‘that proves why you should never throw anything out’.

People stay in relationships because they wouldn’t know what to do with all their stuff if they had to move.

backpackerYoung people back pack around the world with just what they own on their back. ( Remember the freedom of this??)

If you are reading this it is quite likely you have enough of everything. Just as the pleasure of the new watch/car/ appliance has faded maybe you could consider what you really do need in your life and what can be put to a better use.

What can you thoughtfully gift to others and where can you De-clutter? Is there room in your life for less?

Practice for today; Go through you things. What can you give away to give you that back packing feeling of freedom? What don’t you wear or use? Who would benefit from it the most? Remember we don’t really own anything. To be really free in this world you need to put down what you are carrying.

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