304: A Sultan and a few Sultanas

sultanBlogging in Brunei is a dangerous business. Kindles are banned and so is the book I am reading called ‘Some Girls’ which is about the high class parties at the Kings palace with call girls and alcohol in the kingdom of no alcohol and no call girls.

Brunei is a sultanate on the north east coast of Borneo. It has a population or around 400 thousand swelling with migrant workers to serve the rich and expat lifestyles. It is oil rich and the locals are looked after well. Life is easy, petrol is cheap.

However in this Muslim state I read my book in a brown paper bag, drive 100 km to have a drink and do nothing for two hours while the whole county stops to pray.

In ‘Some Girl’ the autobiography tells of how the lure of easy money, champagne and royalty were cards of hope for someone desperately searching to fix what was broken. Maybe she would meet the prince, kiss him and live happily ever after.

What she soon discovered was that even though she left her old life behind and physically moved, she hadn’t left behind anything at all. She was still lost, still searching, still insecure. Going to Brunei didn’t change her frog into a prince at all.

Many of us work through these same ideas. If I move, get a new job or partner, if I go on holiday or travel the world things will be ok again. I will find a new life and things will get better when…….x.

The only problem with this is where ever you go you take yourself with you. You are the common denominator in everything you do.

Practice for today: How will changing your external environment make things better for you? Is it the ingredients you need to change or the recipe?

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