300: Heating up and Keeping Going

hot yogaIt’s pretty hot here. every day at least 30 and then more of humid sticky heat that drapes over you and feels like a weight pushing you to the ground. Walking is difficult, you take a few steps and suddenly want the duvet cover off you but you can’t shake it.

So imagine doing yoga in  a crowded room. One and a half hours of it.

Firstly my eyes started sweating then my mat became a slip way. Soon I could actually feel my blood starting to simmer and my organs shut down. Got to keep going though unfortunately as I’m a yoga teacher and can’t be seen to be giving up, no buddha would have been proud. Feel the suffering but don’t be it, that was me.

Except my body was revolting.

How do you keep going when you want to give up? The trick is to manage your inner dialogue a little better. The brain responds to positive inner dialogue and definitely shuts down to negative self talk. Where the mind goes the body goes. What are you saying to yourself when you get to that part you want to stop. I can’t do it? I’m not as good as her?

If you change your language to speaking in the affirmative, from the ‘don’t sentences’ to the ‘do’  your body will love you for it. Try something like ‘keep running, you can do it instead of ‘ ‘don’t walk’ and see what a difference it has on your actions. Another example would be instead of saying don’t forget to do x; remember x

Practice for today: See in your day where you use postive language as opposed to negative. It could be to your kids or yourself or work mates. Try to phrase your sentences in the affirmative.

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