301: Simulating the Senses, do something nice for yourself

monkeyToday was too good, a boat ride up the river to see the proboscis monkeys. The water was so deathly still you could see the reflection of everything back onto itself. It was almost as if you could turn the world upside down and view it through a watery mirror. The monkeys in their habitat, the mangroves were truly beautiful. Holidays can really fire up the senses.

Here are some simple facts about your brain;

Every cell in your body is affected by your thoughts

When you offer positive stimuli to your brain your cells respond and grow

When you offer negative stimuli to your brain the cells in your body constrict and close.

Every act of kindness to yourself , every bite of delicious food, every piece of beautiful music send positive messages to your brain which in turn nourish your body and flood it with positive energy.

Practice for today: Think of your five senses and how you can send positive messages to them. You may not be on holiday but use vision, touch, smell, sound or taste to do something nice for yourself. Make a note of how it makes you feel when you do something nice for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself.



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