296: Not Quite What I Expected

My trip in Malaysia is drawing to an end and we decided to spend the last night in my version of hell.

Hell is a five-star hotel with the whole of the world jammed into its oversized swimming pool. It is 12 overweight English girls in the swim up bar, sunburnt and smoking, their bodies jammed into their two-bit double-breasted bikinis. Loud and drunk and gelatinous. Other bodies, too small for their heads, parade the pool with hot chips bursting from their mouths. A small child is peeing on the edge of the pool and another man who has stopped swimming blows snot from his nose, inspects it and washes himself clean in the pool.

I gasped. Tom says, Gabrielle, ‘Yoga!’ This is his cue to remind me to pull myself together and stop being such a judgemental snob. I don’t want to do yoga, I want them to do yoga. I go for a walk but am repelled back by a sea wall. I can’t escape. I can’t escape the thought of every type of human excrement being in the pool.

swimming under waterHere is how I do yoga. I jump into the pool and swim in the great unwashed. I do ten lengths and remind myself that I am not much different from any of these people, that all of these behaviours are all mine as well.

Practice for Today:  It’s easy to judge others but not so easy to look at your own behaviour. If you judge others you judge yourself. Observe others behaviour but don’t get involved with it.  Let  kaleidoscope of life  wash over you.

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