296: Going Home

savasannaOnce at the end of savasana a student commented to me it ‘was like going home’. She was referring to the feeling of finding a glimpse of her true self, that untouched, unchanging part of ourselves that is always waiting.Coming home.

As I make the long physical journey home I find myself leaning forward with anticipation to the place I call home. This is the place I want to be and this is how we lead our lives. We often lean forward or grasp what we desire reject that which is unpleasant.

My journey which is filled with hours of waiting, queues, travel and uncomfortable seats. This is life really isn’t it? The ordinary, the waiting and the unpleasant situations. We drift through all this trying to get somewhere, trying to get to the other side, the place of comfort.

But what if life was really living in the moment of ordinariness and we could just be comfortable with whatever is showing itself now?And what if life was a place where we weren’t trying to get anywhere? And what if on our journey home there was success and failure, pleasure and boredom, dis-ease and ease, yet we could encompass it all, finding the middle ground between rejection and grasping.

This is true yoga practice. Taking whatever comes our way and making the very ordinary moments truly extraordinary.

Practice for today: Yoga is not just the sugar sweet moments on your mat. If you find yourself in a queue, a disagreement, or some situation you would rather not be, can you try to accept it all into the fabric of your life in your act of coming home.

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