295: No Present like the Time

In the movie ‘In Time’ the characters age to 25 years and then have one year of life remaining. They are able to then buy and sell time as currency to extend or shorten that year.

What if we lived in an age where time was currency? Would we respect it a little more or use it more wisely?

Time is very illusive and tends to slip away. My overseas trip seemed to be very slow at the start and then quickly fast forward towards the end like a 33 record spinning faster and faster to the middle.

My teacher says the days are long but the years are short. Funnily enough, alot of us say we don’t have enough time to do the things we want to do. However, we all have the same hours in each day to use but some of us make better use of it than others.

Each day we wake we have a brand new chance to start all over again.

timepresent2But we don’t.

Years of conditioning, entrenched mind patterns and thought processes compel us to travel in time down the same roads, making the same mistakes or reinforcing the same habits (samskara). Each day we have a new opportunity to do something differently, be a little kinder, look after ourselves better or challenge our way of seeing the world.

Each day is a precious gift, the currency of time.

Practice for today: Take some time out to evaluate what it is you want to do, achieve or change. Write that down or tell someone. There is no time like the present, which incidentally is the anchor for the practice of mindfulness.

One Comment on “295: No Present like the Time

  1. Good read. In Fact when I saw “In Time” I found it very interesting too and gave me a new perspective towards time and how we use/spend it.

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