294: Searching for Sugar

namasteI think I have spent a great deal of my life looking outside for something better. Maybe a better house, relationship, job, food, experience. It’s like a constant search for something that never quite comes.As a yoga student, always searching for that sugary sweet experience; as a teacher, constantly searching for new information and ideas; as person, trying to get answers to everything from everyone else.

So last night when I woke up jet lagged at 2am and turned the light on I realised that I was still in that mode of looking everywhere else except me. Actually it was an accident that reminded me. I went out to get some food and could smell some burning. I looked around the house and then outside the house and checked the rooms. The smell got worse and worse, then there was smoke. I was looking everywhere starting to panic. When I went back to the bedroom I saw it. My yoga pants, which I had put on top of my lamp to dim the light were now on fire. How appropriate. Ha Ha!  A sign, a lesson …… (they are everywhere). Instead of looking to what I had done, I was looking outside for something/one else.

My teacher tells me everything I need is right here, within me. The knowledge, the willpower, the strength, the love. Everything you need is within you.When you are searching for something better what you are in fact doing is searching for a better version of yourself. You probably won’t find it outside of you.

If you need something then it is good advice to start with yourself, and use what you already have. If something is burning and you need to change it look first to yourself. If something doesn’t sit well with your job, house, relationship firstly think, what is it about me that I could change? Maybe it’s an attitude or a perspective?

Practice for today: As Buddha said, be a light unto yourself. Everything you need you already have. The main thing is to trust. Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment.

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