291: Monkey Mind and Me

Right meditation time, get comfortable, yep good, comfortable. Erect spine, yes, now just go inside and centre yourself.

Ok now breath, inhale one, exhale one…. good that’s good… keep it up, oh funny thinking about how good I’m doing, hahaha, better start again, inhale one, exhale one,

Dam, my nose is itchy, should I scratch it? No just leave it, work through the suffering. It’s really itchy now, just a quick scratch, ah that’s better, if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Now where was I?

Inhale one, ex….I think I left the heater on? Maybe I should just excuse myself, it could be dangerous, the house could catch fire, be sensible, it’s just your mind playing tricks, that’s what it’s all about, see it but don’t be it. Just go inside yourself.

I think I can smell something, oh no surely someone wouldn’t fart while meditating, it’s not right. Well they won’t suspect me because I’m a yoga teacher, no it will be one of those new ones, they can’t control anything much less their mind.

Ok concentrate. One breath in, one breath out, two breath in ..cracking on here…two breath out. This is going on forever, I think the teacher has slipped into unconsciousness, maybe there is a clock about I could just peek and see how much longer we have, I don’t want to overdo it today. Just be kind to myself, three inhale…

Who wrote that song ‘eye in the sky’ I’ll ask Tom later he’ll know it’s more his generation,

ompah lompah lompah looo

Could everyone up there please shut up!

monkey mind 2I can’t remember what I’m up to. I feel psychotic and let down and a rubbish meditator.

Don’t forget the milk

Oh it was the Alan Parsons project that’s right

sit up straight


Wish I had a pen and pencil I have so many good ideas for blogs when I’m meditating.

Inhale one….. Tibetan bowl sound gong…….

thank Shiva for that

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