292: Death by Numbers

It occurred to me today as my Father and I were going over his bank statements that at the end of the day everything comes down to a number. We tend to measure everything in our life this way. I spend a good deal of my time measuring my self-worth by numbers like this;

As a yoga teacher; How many people come to my class and how many people say ‘that was great’

In my business; How much money I make, how many enrolments I get on my course, how many sales I make.

For my children; What marks they get at school.

chuturangaIn my physical body; How many yoga classes I go to, how much I weigh, how many push ups I can do.

It’s all a numbers game.

We all do it to some extent. We judge our self-worth on these things. How much we make, how our kids are doing, what car we drive, how many weights we can heave.

What would your world be like if…..

We didn’t worry what the scales said?

We don’t earn as much as we wanted?

We didn’t meet our sales target?

We didn’t go to the gym for two weeks?

Our children didn’t get that grade?

We didn’t make that sale?

We judge ourselves by numbers, but really what is of deep importance is what can not be measured. What can be measured is really of no value. If one person comes to my yoga class and gets a lot out of it then that is far more valuable than twenty people who don’t get anything out of it.

Practice for today: Measuring yourself by numbers is a way to contract yourself. Move yourself to expansion by realising that these external measurements of numbers actually play no significance in how you are doing as a person.

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