288: Making as Ass of Yourself

They say in life the lessons we need to learn the most are the ones that get presented to us over and over again.

Except we never see them, so we don’t learn.One of mine is being the queen of the Asinine. I assume things all the time and they are usually bad things. They tend to fall into these categories.

Friends; If someone hasn’t contacted me in a while they no longer want anything to do with me or I have said or done something to annoy them.

Work Yoga; If someone doesn’t turn up to my class it’s because the classes are boring and they no longer like them. If someone doesn’t look entirely happy in my class I’ll assume the same, or if there are  not many students I’ll then go into overdrive.. ( useless teacher, you have lost it).

Work Business; No enrolments in my courses, the business is now failing and what’s worse I’m going under and there is nothing I can do to save it now.

Relationships; Something my partner says has a whole deeper dark meaningful story behind it that only I can see so may as well have an argument about that now.

Making assumptions is something we all do in many areas of our lives. An assumption is “something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof.” In other words, it is belief without proof.

Our assumptions then affect how we see the world and then how we act in the world. Our assumptions have the power to change our behaviour and affect our future.

Alan Alda’s advice makes for a fitting conclusion: “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.

Practice for today: If you feel you are making an assumption about something or someone stop to ask yourself why? Is it true that is really how things are? Or is it how you think things are?

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