286: Surgically Attached

Here is a short list of things that you can be attached to. Your partner, children, coffee, your handbag, drinking, smoking, the way you look, your car, your shoes, your house, your exercise routine and the food you eat.

Besides all of the those concrete nouns there is also attachment to fame, greed, power, love, control.

I’m not sure why we get attached to things, maybe it gives us a sense of security or helps define who we are. What I do know is that attachment is all very well until circumstances change.

The Buddha teaches that all attachment is suffering.

I am surgically attached to my animals. Probably TOO attached. So when one of them died today ( my chicken) I was heart broken. When something is taken away from you when you are still in the deep entanglement, you will cry like a baby. The bigger the reaction the deeper you attachment and possibly the bigger your problem.

Being attached to something is different to loving it. Attachment means that you can’t function too well without it or them or that feeling. In yoga we are taught to love things but not be attached to them. This means we love openly and with emotion but we can also let it go. That is why you will hear yoga teachers say ‘just let it go’. What they mean is let go of your notion of attachment.

Attachment is fear based. Love is love based.

Practice for today: Choose how you want to enter your relationships to yourself, to others, to your possessions, to your animals. It is wonderful to love them but are you able to also let them go?iStock attachment finger

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