284: Having the Most Beautiful Day

You know those days that are truly beautiful, I had one yesterday. Driving through central Otago the deep ravines are bathed in a milky version of Bombay Sapphire Gin. These glacial fed waters swish and swirl through the valleys. The range of mountains aptly named ‘The Remarkables’ govern all the comings and goings of this sleepy little hollow.

There is weirdness mixed with fear here as well. Try peering over the old bridge where people bungy jump into the unknown. I feel fear even being on the bridge as if someone were to see me there and then insist since I have come this far, may as well jump now.

arrowtoenSome interest and ohhhinng and aahhhing is thrown in when we arrive in Arrowtown and see the world how it was over 100 years ago while the poplar trees turn on a show changing into their autumn uniform.

The thing is, sure, we are travelling and seeking all this out but can’t we have a bit of this in each of our days? A bit of beauty, a splash of fear and some intrigue or interest? I think so even if we are just going to work for the day.

Sometimes we think we are stuck, in a rut, on a treadmill or however we want to describe our lives. However what we are doing is living without seeing. Your life is not as dull as you think.

Practice for today: Think about how you can bring some of these elements into your most ordinary day. The beauty can be simple like buying some flowers or stopping to really admire something well made. Look for something interesting to challenge your thinking, maybe some study or a book.  Toss in a bit of fear, do something to really challenge yourself. Maybe it’s just meeting someone or going to a place you never normally go.

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