285: All I Need is a Miracle

Driving through the arid plains of Central Otago I am reminded of living in the desert of Western Australia. WA is very barren and there is not a plant to be seen. However for some reason in spring the whole desert puts on a light show of flowers, they appear from no-where, shine out to the world and then disappear. It’s a miracle.
The dictionary defines a miracle as a surprising or welcome event not easily able to be explained and is considered to be the work of the divine.
I think we are surrounded by miracles daily, it’s just that we got to busy to notice.
A miracle will also appear when you least expect it. After struggling or pushing or trying to fix something we often find a miracle at the end. The moment we let go and stop trying to control things, it is waiting patiently for you. You would have heard stories of parents going through everything to conceive and then when they finally give up they get pregnant.
Miracles are hidden in the quiet. I always say to my daughter if you don’t know what to do in a situation, do nothing and wait to see what is presented to you. Without the strain and push and shove, things can be come very evident. Even this week when I stopped worrying about how to get my business functioning well again, I got a phone call asking me if I would like to be a partner in a project. This is a miracle, really.
Practice for today: Often in life we don’t get what we want but what we need. Sometimes we are not sure what it is we need. When you have a difficult situation or a problem that needs to be solved, sit back, listen and wait for the miracle to evolve when it is ready.

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